domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

Venice Beach Freakatorium

Just got back from a little trip down south, and while wandering around Venice Beach we saw signs for a lucky day!

Venice Beach Freakshow did have some very cool oddities both living and dead. There was a five-legged dog, an assortment of siamese turtles, a two-headed snake, and two-headed, six-legged iguana all in the living category. 
Preserved they had some siamese pig fetuses, a two-headed goat (really couldn't figure out if this one was a gaff or not...) and lots of other creepy crawlies. 

Possibly the most impressive collection on display were of vintage original signed postcards by various human oddities, mainly conjoined twins such as the Hilton sisters. There were also antique flyers and posters of historical sideshows and acts. 
They also had a live show which featured sword-swallowing and balloon acts, fire eating and electric current acts. There were two human blockhead acts featuring hammers and a drill. >_<

The highlight of my visit was being able to stand on the back of one performers head while it was being smooshed into a pile of broken glass. Yay!
Overall this sideshow was really cool, if you are ever down in Venice, CA I recommend checking it out, it is well worth the five bucks!

Here are some photos of the oddities from the freakatorium, and some of the performers. Enjoy! 

Rocky the five-legged dog.

just jumpin on a pile of broken glass, NO BIG DEAL!

A Gremlin?

Sword-swallower and Wolf-boy

Mr Wadlow...was really tall!

Conjoined Twin X-ray

Venice Beach

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