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The Story of Richard Sandrak: Little Hercules.

Richard Sandrak (born 15 April 1992), also known as Little Hercules, is aUkrainian-born, American bodybuilder, martial artist and actor, known for his muscular physique at an extremely young age, and for his appearance in the documentary The World's Strongest Boy.
Richard Sandrak was born April 15, 1992, in a small village in Ukraine, to Pavel Sandrak, a martial arts world champion, and his mother, Lena Sandrak, an aerobics competitor. In 1994, Sandrak, aged 2, moved with his family toPennsylvania, where his parents believed he would have a better life. Sandrak began his training soon after they arrived in the states, when Sandrak was still an infant. His father, who had trained in Taekwondo, introduced him to various stretches and light weight training.
 The family subsequently moved to California, with the intention in order to break into show business. The family met trainer Frank Giardina, while touring one of Giardina's gyms, and hired him to help gain publicity for their son.

During his childhood, Sandrak was kept in strict seclusion. Dedicating all of his time towards training, Richard never had time to play with friends and experience a typical childhood. Being on a strict diet enforced by his father, Sandrak was never able to eat junk food or any sweets. Sandrak recalls days when his father would eat pizza in front of him, while he was left to eat a head of lettuce. According to Giardina, Sandrak was made to repeat intense exercises as punishment if he got something wrong. Sandrak states his father never forced him into bodybuilding. "I've never been forced to train or do anything against my will," he said. "My parents used to train all the time and I wanted to join in. It was mostly my choice. It's just what I grew up doing. I was never forced. It was never an issue."
His parents started him out with light exercises and martial arts techniques which soon progressed into more intensebodybuilding training. At the age of six Richard was maxing out at 180 lb (82 kg) on standard bench-press. During this early age he claimed his title as world’s strongest boy as well as his nickname "little Hercules". At the age of eight he was bench pressing 210 lb (95 kg).
Sandrak began traveling across the country to participate in competitions, promotions for nutrition products, and photo shots for numerous magazines. He also appeared on several TV and radio shows, such as The Howard Stern Show. As he got older his career gradually waned. His Hollywood debut was as the title character in the 2009 film, Little Hercules.
Giardina quit after he came to feel that Pavel's parenting was criminal, and Pavel threatened to kill Giardina. Not long after Pavel was imprisoned for physically assaulting his wife, leaving her with a broken wrist and nose, an event for which Sandrak himself called police. By September 2007, Pavel had been recently released from prison, though held under psychiatric guidance, and faced the possibility of deportation.
A year after Lena and Sandrak left Pavel, Sandrak was profiled in the documentary The World's Strongest Boy, which detailed his ability to do splits, his ability to bench press three times his own body weight, and the fact that his body had less than 1 percent body fat, which can be lethally low. Though medical experts argued that such muscular development requires testosterone that is not found in children younger than 10, and speculated that steroids were involved, Lena Sandrak denied that her son used such substances.
By age 15, Sandrak continued to train five times a week, 90 minutes per each session, and ate food more typical of others teens like pizza. His live-in manager, Marco Garcia, helped normalize his life, and produced Little Hercules in 3-D. Sandrak hopes to make more movies, and to devote his time to raising awareness of childhood obesity.

Here is an excellent interview with Richard about his father and his past. 

Been a Long Time

T-model Ford

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Turdus Merula: Adventus

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Blanche Dumas, the Three Legged Courtesan

Blanche Dumas was born on the Caribbean island of Martinique in 1860, to a French father and a biracial mother. She had a third leg attached to her sacrum, and her two primary legs were said to be imperfectly developed. The third leg was without a mobile joint but had a bend in it where the knee would have been. 

Her pelvis was wider than normal and she had double genitalia as well as a duplicate bowel and bladder. To the right of her middle leg was the stump of another limb; it's unknown at this time whether this stump was naturally occurring or the site of a surgical amputation, but promoters sought to maximize its appeal by adorning it with nipples and advertising it a pair of "well-formed" extra breasts!

Stories of Blanche all mention her pronounced libido. She moved to Paris later in life and became a courtesan, and allegedly, upon hearing about the three-legged, man with two penises and four testicles, dos Santos, who was touring at the same time, she expressed a desire to have sex with him. According to Gould and Pyle, "There were two vaginae and two well-developed vulvae, both having equally developed sensations. The sexual appetite was markedly developed, and coitus was practised in both vaginae."

Left: Rare photo of young Blanche Dumas, clearly showing her undeveloped (or amputated) fourth leg. Right: Adult, sexualized Blanche with nipples painted on her leg stump. This is the basis for the woodcut above. Both photos submitted by an anonymous reader.

No One

Let's go back to how things were back then
When I was younger

When I was younger
Everything was either black or white
It was easier
So much easier

You're the one who told me who I was
You said you're no one
So now I'm no one
O, separate my body from my soul
O, separate my body from my soul

Image by my beautiful friend Jaqueline
Words: by Those Poor Bastards. 

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Palm reading dreams.

First gig as a professional palm reader went very well. It was a lot more energetically draining than I had anticipated, and gave way to night of vivd, intense dreams.
I saw a lot, sometimes a lot more than anticipated. Others were very closed off energetically but with everyone I could read something.
One woman gave off an intense feeling of nervousness and underlying grief and even despair. I tried to keep her reading as light and fluffy as possible as it was a party setting, but it later came up she had lost some loved ones recently.

It was very interesting to me how many similarities there were among the group. Lots of gardeners, sensitive, caring profession types, water hands aplenty with long graceful fingers, artistic, intuitive and creative women. 
No wonder they are all such good friends and many of them nurses and doctors. 
Overall a great first paid experience, I have a lot to learn and I'm feeling good! ^_^

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Planning our trip through Melmont

melmont ghost town hikingwithmybrotherMelmont was founded in 1900 around the Melmont Coal Mine, producing coal exclusively for the Northern Pacific Railway. For a few years, the small town boomed, boasting a train depot, hotel, post office and schoolhouse. Although the mine yielded upwards of 750 tons of coal per day, when the railroad shifted away from coal-driven trains to more modern diesel models, the town crumbled. By 1915 the post office was shuttered, and by 1920 the mines were largely closed. A forest fire cleared out all but a few cement foundations around the same time. In 1921,the Fairfax Bridge opened above the Carbon River, bypassing Melmont’s railroad bridge and connecting Fairfax to the state highway system. When it opened, the Fairfax Bridge was the tallest in Washington, and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

The trail begins on the north side of the bridge with a short scramble down to the Northern Pacific’s railroad grade. From here, Melmont is an easy one-mile stroll upstream, following a wide path under mossy alders and young hemlock. However, because ATV traffic churns up a lot of earth, during the wetter months a thick layer of mud can cover the trail. Although the mud can be a little messy, it is not so bad that it will make your hike more difficult.

Shortly after you leave the bridge behind, you’ll pass a large rock retaining wall followed quickly by a structure most refer to as the “Dynamite Shack.” As you push onward, the trail splits just above an open field that was once the residential area of town. Heading uphill will lead to the crumbling foundation of one of Melmont’s schoolhouses, while pushing onward will lead to the site of the hotel and the remains of Melmont’s bridge. Either way you choose, enjoy wandering the area and finding traces of the 100-year-old town.

We hoping to camp out in Melmont in the coming weeks, I will keep you updated ^_^

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Palm Reading

Today I tried my hand at palm reading professionally for the first time. I have been studying palm reading for about a year or so, and have done lots of practice palm reading; being paid for it was an interesting feeling.

 Here is a picture of my costume for the day, it was a very interesting and great learning experience.

Reading the palms of so many people was emotionally and energetically difficult and also extremely interesting. My Palm Reading career has just begun...