jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Swiss Bunker Art

Switzerland has enough shelter to provide for the entire country buried deep within the Alps. This was at the height of the cold war, and they were to be used in the event of Nuclear War.

This website has an interesting overview of the 20,000+ bunkers which have been built across the country since the introduction of the railway in 1850

In 2004, Swiss artist Leo Fabrizio set out to photograph all of the country's remarkable camouflaged bunkers. Some have been painted in rock patterns, some disguised as a Swiss chalets, and others disguised with bizarre metal branches in the hope that it will blend in with a nearby forest.

They are as beautiful as they are strange, and it is with unruly excitement that I upload his photos from here and here:

I learned of this work in the Guardian Newspaper, because Fabrizio's work is currently being exhibited in the Modern Art Gallery of Calais in France.

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