sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

My Reading.

The results of my recent reading are as follows, here is my recent past and its outcome. 

 In three months time I'll cross paths with two people, two men, one as represented below. A man of some wealth, destructive, impressive and some what addictive, someone who will appeal to my darker side. This is the one I was told by my diviner to steer clear of...

 And another represented below as The Sun and Star, a man of good will and good heart, new and different, someone entirely unknown to me, my diviner describes this man as my ideal mate, someone to seek out and keep around. They will both appear similar to me at first however, I'll have to find out which is which before it's too late...

And here is me at present, and in about seven months from now...not a bad haul. ^_^ 


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