martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Hudson State River Hospital

Hudson State River Hospital is a huge psychiatric hospital from the 19th century in High Victorian Gothic style architecture.
The hospital's buildings were designed in 1867 by the English architect F.C. Withers.
The centerpiece of his design was the administration building, which branched off into two wings, composed of six parallel pavilions that flanked the central structure. The two wings, designed to hold 300 patients of either sex, were divided by a chapel placed between them in the yard behind the administration building so that patients could not see into the rooms of the opposite sex. The building and landscape plan were meant to aid in patients' recovery, by giving them adequate space and privacy and imbuing their healing with a sense of grandeur.
Due to the believe that there were less female patients this is one of the few Kirkbride hospitals to have been built with asymmetrical wings.
Photography and Information by Martino Zegwaard, March 2010. 

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