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In the Woods

Photography by Metalographer

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Moss Reigns Again

More stunning captures from my photography idol Metalographer...

Photography by Metalographer

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Russian Military Bunker circa 1949

 29 августа 1949 года была испытана первая советская атомная бомба.

Все атомные НИИ и заводы СССР объединило единое Министерство среднего машиностроения (МСМ), которое должно было наладить серийное производство ядерных боеприпасов. Всю ответственность за испытания ядерных боеприпасов, их хранение, эксплуатацию в воинских частях, а также за разработку методов их боевого применения руководство страны возложило на военных.

В конце 1950-го года специальным постановлением Совета Министров СССР было принято решение о создании так называемых центральных баз хранения ядерного оружия - ЦБХ. Эти организации осуществляли сборку произведённых на заводах МСМ боеприпасов, хранили их, соблюдая в тайне сам факт хранения, производили при необходимости замену узлов с истекающими гарантийными сроками хранения, проверяли работу электронных и механических узлов на специальных стендах и при получении соответствующего приказа выдавали ядерные боеприпасы в войска для боевого применения.

August 29, 1949 was tested in the first Soviet atomic bomb.

All nuclear plants and research institutes of the USSR together with a common Ministry of Medium Machine (MSM), which was to establish serial production of nuclear weapons. All responsibility for the testing of nuclear weapons, their storage, service in military units, as well as for developing methods to combat use of the country's leadership has placed on the military.

At the end of 1950 a special decree of the Council of Ministers decided to create a so-called central database storage of nuclear weapons - TSBH. These organizations have carried out the assembly produced in factories MSM ammunition stored them, keeping secret the fact of storage, produced if necessary, replace the units with expiring warranty period of storage, test the electronic and mechanical assemblies and on special stands in receipt of an order issued to the troops nuclear weapons for operational use.


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Desolate Funeral Chant

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Total Lunar Eclipse

The show begins at 3:33 a.m. with the moon starting its total eclipse at 6:06 a.m. The peak of the eclipse will be at 6:31 a.m. and then the moon slowly lights up again starting at 6:57 a.m.

The moon will technically remain in partial eclipse until 8:17 a.m., but we won't see the whole show because the moon will set at 7:52 (we'll get the best part, though). But that could make for a dramatic scene since the moon tends to look larger than life when it's near the horizon.

But unlike a total solar eclipse where the sun goes pitch black, the moon gets a smoky reddish color to it. That's due to the Earth's atmosphere and the sunlight reflecting off the edges of the Earth and faintly illuminating the moon. In fact, Astronomy Magazine says it's the glow of all the sunrises and sunsets on Earth going on at that moment. 

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Francis Skiddy von Stade, Sr Estate

Francis Skiddy von Stade, Sr was an importer of bristles and avid horsemen. It is fitting that his estate 
lies in the heart of polo country, Old Westbury. 

During the 1920's he was a polo player of distinction. His mansion was built in 1914 and later expanded in 1930.  At the age of 82,  Francis Skiddy von Stade passed away in the mansion he had built. After his 1967 passing the mansion became home to the Enternmanns family, of bakery fame. 

 For quite some time it has sat abandoned and decaying. Recently demolition has begun. At the time of article's publication the mansion is still standing, but an indoor horse circuit, and stables have been leveled. 
Another beautiful spot on Long Island will make way for more McMansions.

Pictures and words from Long Island Oddities. 

inside the stables