domingo, 21 de octubre de 2012

Halloween Viewing LIst #5: High Tension

#5: High Tension (2003):

This French film by director Alexandre Aja is a good old-fashioned bloody, crying mess. Lots of suspense and adrenaline-pumping scenes, but mainly horrific gore and lots of mangled human flesh to feast your eyes on. 

Two beautiful young university students, Marie and Alexa, drive into the picturesque French countryside to visit Alexa's parents for the weekend. 

High Tension (also titled "Switchblade Romance) skips the foreplay and cuts right to the chase, delivering up gore right on your doorstep.

It could be classified as a Slasher flick, but a much higher-quality production and far for intelligent than most of those in the genre.

The lead character Marie becomes more and more of a badass as the film progresses which always a plus!

 Check it out this Halloween as an addition to your lovely, deranged, demented gore-fest. 

Enjoy! ^_^

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