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Halloween Viewing List #3: Bug

#3: Bug

Willian Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist has only put out a handful of movies over the last few decades. This is partly due to the fact that he will not release a film until he is completely satisfied with it, and holds himself to extremely high standards; he is quoted as saying "By the time a film of mine makes it into the theaters, I have a love-hate relationship with it. There is always something I could have done to make it better."

Bug is testament to this tendency, and while it may not be for everyone, if you can stomach it you will not be disappointed. This film did not enjoy much success in the mainstream, and for that reason has been largely overlooked, but this is a very tense, disturbing and artfully written film with incredible performances by Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon (who seems to never turn off his crazed, tortured persona even in interviews...).

Bug is a great character portrait of two lonely and somewhat tragic souls who are roaming this earth, profoundly damaged and changed by past experiences, and who find something they need in each other. They say that misery loves company, and this relationship serves to whip both members into a frenzy of paranoia, mental illness and desperation. 

In a strange way, Bug is a tender love story between the two main characters who really cling to each other, almost immediately  recognizing their connection in grief, loss and despair. There is a lot in the film that is left open to interpretation, which I really like.

I won't give too much away on this film, it's best just to watch it. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS JUST DO IT. It's intense and there are some graphic scenes including some of domestic violence which may be hard for some viewers, so there is your disclaimer.
 This is more of a psychological thriller, it's hard to classify as it's very unique, but it's definitely chilling and you won't soon forget it.....

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