martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Sweden's forest hut hostels.

I've been planning a trip round Scandinavia in the near future, and stumbled upon these lovely little huts deep in the Swedish woods: 
 STF Kolarbyn eco-lodges are located in the thick of Sweden's woods and are not your typical hostels. For anyone who's always dreamed of living inside the trunk of an actual tree, these eco-lodges are not quite that experience, but they're about as close as most are likely to get.

Constructed from all-natural material, each hut has a wood heater, and offers no electricity, nor running water. And it should be reiterated, it is a hut -- made of little more than wood and tree branches, providing a completely unique experience both outside and in.
Candles, matches, and firewood for self-cutting are included in the amenities. A nearby spring is used to fetch water, and several fire pits are available for outdoor cooking, that is, after the firewood has been chopped. An organic self-serve breakfast made from all local, all organic fare is offered during the fall, spring, and summer seasons. Other activities on the site include a floating sauna, biking, hiking, and wolf-howling.
In 2004 Kolarbyn started a project to preserve Sweden’s 400-year-old tradition of charcoaling -a process of extracting iron by producing charcoal in kilns. Around the Kolarbyn sites are hundreds of remnants of charcoal kilns, and since 2004 many new kilns have been put to use. Guests are invited to watch the process or to work with the kiln, and a portion of their money goes to the upkeep of this practice.
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