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Mt. Sinai Hospital

The Mount Sinai Hospital in Philadelphia was constructed from 1921 through 1939 under the architect Magaziner, Eberhard & Harris. The style of the main building is a mix between art deco and art moderne, and consists of 11 floors that reach 146 feet high. 

The 170-bed hospital took up one city block at 4th and Reed streets. Mount Sinai served the Philly community with a broad range of health care, and employed about 500 workers until it was shuttered in 1998.
A Texas-based company had plans to turn the building into a long-term care hospital, but they were short-lived, and the facility sat empty for a number of years. In 1999, the building was eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Developers planned to convert the hospital into condominiums in late 2005; renovation plans are detailed by S. Harris Ltd (who also worked on the roof at Eastern State Penitentiary).
Parts of the hospital have been transforming into the Mount Sinai Apartment complex.

 images and information via Opacity

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