martes, 24 de abril de 2012

The Art of Joe Vollan

Recently stumbled upon the work of Joe Vollan, I love the balance between cute and creepy, his pieces are so imaginative and kind of neo-noirish, they make my mind wander to an entertaining, dark, post-apocalyptic, mechanized world.

"A mild mannered and modest person himself, Joe Vollan speaks loudly and passionately through his art. 

Using refined artistic skills, he develops eccentric pop surrealist images which reveal his own insights into inspiration and harrowing tales. The heart of his work evokes emotion through senses of wonderment as it pertains to the fantastic and bizarre world he creates. Joe has become highly respected and recognized around Seattle for his distinctly mysterious works of art. 

Having shown in all of the top galleries in the area from Roq La Rue, Flatcolor Gallery, BLVD, Schmancy, Ouch My Eye and more, he has now begun showing down the west coast as far as Alpha Cult in Los Angeles."

Take a look at these intriguing works, for more check out the website


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