domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011

La Maison K

Martino Zegwaard's set of La Maison K, words and pictures from source.
"First visit; i'd seen some pictures of a old farm somewhere in a small village in Luxembourg, but never had i expected the time capsule i walked in that april morning just before sunset.
Nobody's awake yet when Ransom and me sneak into the house. We have to wait inside for the sun to rise and light the inside up. The more light comes in, the more secrets are revealed. This place is a goldmine, everything is here and everything is authentic.
What grabs me most about this old house is the claustrophobic feel it has. It has been build a long time ago and all the ceiling are relatively very low. One can touch the lamps hanging from the ceiling without standing on your toes. This "smallness" combined with the fact that the house is packed with all sort of (personal) stuff makes it a unique experience.
During my 2nd visit i'm feeling pissed about most of the stuff that has been stolen."

Here the "claustrophobic" feel I referred to is most clear.

Living room with on the table a very old half gone bottle of whisky.

Small room, man sitting at the table, women in the bed/couch against the wall. Wood blocks in the stofe to keep 'em both warm.

Unlogical hallway, think about it; back in the days houses and the way they are build and mapped out was efficient, every detail had its reason. This hallway leads from the front door all the way to the back of the house.

By now, this is a famous alarm clock and a n even more famous shot of it, but it's a part of the experience.
he cellar full of jars with fruit and vegetables on the shelfs, and all kind of baskets, boxes and such underneath a blanket of cobwebs.


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  1. I love this house. The little touches--like the scale at the end of the bed and the bottle on the table--make it feel like the residents just stepped out for a moment. Zegwaard says he's pissed about the stolen things, but I am frankly amazed the place hasn't been trashed.