miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Sideshow 1901-1940

Here is a little glimpse into sideshows of the past...times have changed in some ways and yet in others they have not at all! 

A Clown and a donkey circa 1930

Miss Claire the Lion Trainer having tea. 

1930s MEN and WOMEN of CIRCUS in makeup and costume

1930s Circus Clown With Big Book

1930s circus acrobats aerialists LILLIAN LEITZEL and ALFREDO CODONA

1915 Circus Barnum and Bailey 1910s Tent Exterior

1909 BARNUM and BAILEY Circus Parade 1900s SHELDON IOWA Main Street vintage photo crowd


1901 CIRCUS MAX SCHREYER Daredevil Ramp Crowd Bicycle Flying 1900s Vintage Photo

Gabrielle, the living Half Lady, 1890

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