martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

The Secret Museum

Photographer and blogger Joanna Ebenstein has traveled the world seeking and documenting untouched, hidden, and curious collections, from museum store-rooms to private collections, cabinets of curiosity to dusty natural history museums, obscure medical museums to hidden archives. The exhibition The Secret Museum showcases a collection of photographs from Ebenstein's explorations--including sites in The Netherlands, Italy, France, Austria, England, Poland, and the United States--which document these spaces while at the same time investigating the psychology of collecting, the visual language of taxonomies, notions of "The Specimen" and the ordered archive, and the secret life of objects and collections, with an eye towards capturing the poetry, mystery and wonder of these liminal spaces. 

You can see more of Ebenstein's photography by clicking here

All contents copyright of Joanna Ebenstein, 2010.

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