martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Izu’s abandoned Jungle theme Park #2 inside

Jungle Park, located in Japan, was easily the biggest green-house I’ve ever been in, and boy was it hot inside. H-O-T. And very humid. Within minutes I was soaked to the skin, and any time I had to climb something I was panting with the exertion. You can probably see that on the video a few times.
Wandering through its long tail-like corridor to the main jungle hub, I of course wondered where all the humidity was coming from. It’s sealed off from the outside, and has been closed for 7 years. Why isn’t everything inside baked and dead?

I guess there are two possible answers to that.
One- A security maintenance guy comes around and sprays everything/turns on the sprinklers once in a while.
Two- The place survives on what water it has already. I saw plenty of dead plants- they gave up their water to transpiration, it condensed on the glass sky, and fell as rain. In that way the place is slowly cannibalizing itself. It was odd though to see the poor shape the cactuses were in. I would expect them to be the hardiest- instead they were the ones most dead.
Perhaps I should talk a bit more about how huge it was. It was really huge.

You could buy Jungle Soft Cream and Cactus Smoothies at this snack shack.
Giants Greenhouse


Partition between sections.

Map board with the map knocked out.

Primitive village
lots of brochures on the racks

drying cacti

totem pole graveyard

jungle theme photo board

view of ceiling

fallen jungle house

"primitive" clay pots

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