miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

The twisted world of Pumpkinrot

I have to give the credit to my boyfriend for this find, and it is truly an awesome one.

While browsing the web for papier mache corpse ideas, he stumbled upon  www.pumpkinrot.com.

This site  is the epitome of sweet Halloween do-it-yourself ingenuity.

Whoever is responsible for these creations is clearly an artist and a master of papier mache, and he (or she) has kindly shared his techniques in detail for our reference. ^_^
Every Halloween since 2001 is documented on the site, 

I especially love his use of lighting and the spooky atmosphere he has created in his scenes! 

The sick and twisted creativity going into these decorations is top notch, the overall results are really impressive. 

Check it out for Halloween inspiration- he also has a blog of his own!  some of his goodies are even for sale...enjoy!

Here are some of the pictures from his 2009 "Corn Witch" display. We eagerly await what 2010 has to offer...

where did he find such realistic human teeth...

And I couldn't resist, here is one of the most perfect scarecrows I've ever seen:

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