domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Trip to Melmont, the Ghost Town.

Our trek to Melmont started out with a darkening of the sky and sudden, heavy rainfall. Mists rolled in very suddenly, and seemed to linger right above the old site of Melmont. 

We had to cross an ancient and very tall bridge, which seemed to rock violently with each car that drove across. Convinced we were entering Silent Hill, we parked the car and headed off on foot. 

We came across a woman, standing in the middle of the bridge, staring off down into the abyss. She seemed very gloomy and there was desperate air about her. We lingered purposefully for a while, chatting to her a bit about the area, but really to gauge her suicidal tendencies (sometimes I think I've been in the suicide-prevention business too long). 

She only responded "I've never heard of Melmont, or any ghost town around here." We watched until we felt sure she was not a jumper, and then started down the narrow, steep trail to Melmont.

We came across a number of ruins and a small structure made of stone. We took a number of photos of this structure and they kept coming back with a bright, rainbow beam of light through them. It was very bizarre. I felt movement and presence in the little house and didn't delay. 

creepy beam of light 

in front of the house...feeling uncomfortable

We made it to the town site at last and set up camp near the rushing river. It was a beautiful place with a tense, unexplainable feeling of something that still lurks in Melmont, a ghost of a time past perhaps, a trace left behind. 

Smoke Break!

The River that runs through Melmont

Talisman for protection!

We made it out alive...only just. 

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