miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Alexander Bassano

Mamie Whittaker by Bassano 1910
I came across these amazing portraits, they are beautiful examples of the fashion, style of photography of the era. 

Alexander Bassano (10 May 1829 – 21 October 1913) was the leading high society portrait photographer in Victorian London.

Many glass plates from the Bassano Studios, including some by Alexander Bassano, are held in the National Portrait Gallery, London. The Museum of 

London holds a large number of the fashion-related plates.

Have a look at these beauties, Bassano definitely captured something special in these portraits!

Kate Cutler, Bassano 1895

Fannie Ward 1916

Dame Adeline Genee 1916

Nancy Denvers 1913

Dorma Leigh 1913

Nora West 1893

Evelyn Lane 1924

Madge Saunders 1916

Constance Collier 1896

Lillibel Isben, Norwegian dancer and Actress, 1916

Gertrude McCoy 1924

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