miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

Silent Hill, Downpour: The stuff of Nightmares or Fantasy?

As you may know, the latest Silent Hill game Downpour was released just last night, and it certainly did not disappoint! Straight from the twisted, macabre mind of Konami, every scene is really dripping in atmosphere, shrouded in mist and fraught with tension! The game-makers really paid close attention to detail and sound. 

Just in the first couple hours of gameplay there were some surprises that had us screaming with fear. There is a lot of mystery and weird, disturbing side stories; The combat is pretty gory and satisfying. True to Silent Hill style, the game is very dark and often you only have the meager light from a zippo for help.
By the end of five straight hours of gameplay we were rocking ourselves in the  fetal position, weeping softly and bashing  in the skulls of anything that twitched within our field of vision.

There are ever-present creepy old radios and tvs chiming in with unsettling, ironic music right when things are getting really tense. There are also clues all over so keep an eye open.

The main character is an escaped convict on the run; the female characters leave something to be desired as with most video-games, but overall I highly recommend checking this out...the graphics and attention to creepy are better than ever and the monsters are....shiver...well we won't talk about them. 

Lets just say this is the type of game that stays with you in the daylight hours, making you constantly scan the area for weapons and look over your shoulder for creepy crawlies...be sure and check it out, and keep your wits about you!!

Pick-axe, the weapon of choice

Just turn around right now...

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  1. Ooh...I know what my next game purchase is going to be.