viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010

La Tercera Madre's playlist

La Tercera Madre has been working tirelessly to amass this list of favourites for your recommended listening, 

hopefully it will be as pleasing to your ears as is it to mine!

1.  Hibernating Reason By Neaera from The Rising Tide of Oblivion

2. Thy Horror Cosmic By Black Dahlia Murder from Unhallowed

3. Cold By At the Gates from Slaughter of the Soul

4. The Day of Justice By All Shall Perish, from The Price of Existence

5. Web of Lies By Arch Enemy, from Wages of Sin

6. When Everthing Goes Wrong... By Emmure, from Goodbye the Gallows

7. Temptations Wings By Down, Nola 

8. Punch me I Bleed, Children of Bodom, Are you Dead Yet?

9. Worm Infested, Cannibal Corpse, Worm infested.

10. Lam, Behemoth, Satanica.

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