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Picture from Mater Lacrimarum's latest shoot with McCade Dolan...more to come. 

Frozen in Time: Niki Feijen

Family life frozen in time: Eerie images of the abandoned farm houses where even the beds are still made

  • Photographer Niki Feijen specialises in urban exploration; capturing boarded-up buildings and decaying farm houses
  • Images reveal furniture and clothes that remain in decaying homes where owners have long since departed

From the pile of books in the bedside cabinet to the neatly folded duvet, this bedroom looks almost ready for its owner to turn in for the night.
Aside, that is, from the peeling walls, patches of damp, and the thick layer of filth shrouding everything in the room.
The eerie photograph is part of a series by Dutch photographer Niki Feijen, who has captured furniture, ornaments and clothes frozen in time in homes where the owners have long since departed.
Empty: The bed is still covered by a neatly folded duvet in this abandoned farmhouse - but it's unlikely anybody would want to sleep in it
Empty: The bed is still covered by a neatly folded duvet in this abandoned farm house - but it's unlikely anybody would want to sleep in it
The photographer specialises in urban exploration; going beyond 'do not enter' signs to document boarded-up houses and dilapidated buildings across western Europe.
His Disciple of Decay series features abandoned family homes that must once have been filled with conversation and laughter, but now house only the crumbling belongings of their former occupants.
One picture shows a bedroom that remains almost exactly as it was left, from the paintings hanging on the walls, to a television on a chest of drawers and a lace covering on the dressing table.
Another reveals a darkened living room with ornaments lining a sideboard, and a pair of shoes resting on the floor in front of an empty armchair.
Other images capture buildings in far worse states of repair, from the crumbling ceiling in a once-grand piano room, to a rotting table and chairs in an abandoned farmhouse.

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Guanajuato trip: Museo del las Momias

********WARNING: contains graphic content below*********

We traveled all the way to Guanajuato, Mexico to visit the smallest mummy in the world.  What we found was an astounding and horrifying collection of hundreds and hundreds of poor souls, stripped down and lined up in air-conditioned glass coffins. 
I've previously posted about the museum when it was listed as one of the world's most horrifying destinations, but here is a little background in case you didn't see that post:

The museum is what's left over of a sunken crypt where the deceased were stacked in the event that family members could not afford the annual grave tax. The graveyard was very crowded from a typhoid outbreak and the dry hot conditions naturally mummified the remains. One tourists began taking an interest, a fee was charged and the mummies remain desecrated for all eternity in the museum. 

It was an indescribable experience, very distrubing, and I'm pretty sure we are cursed now~!!!

More to come on the other horrors of our trip ^_^


I think we are cursed....


Definitely cursed.

Smallest Mummy in the world- a fetus

Mother of the smallest mummy, pregnant at death


Baby with interested skull deformity

Goodbye Guanajuato

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Rubber Nun